Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

These are Viqua or EPS systems and cater for various flows and other requirements. The food service industry can benefit from our filtration expertise with a large array of product.
Some of our products include: Water Softeners, UV Units, Manganese & Iron  removers, Nitrates Removal Filters, Carbon Filters, Sediment Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Units, Water Softener Salt – Axal Pro Salt

Water Softeners


The presence of Calcium and Magnesium in water can cause scaling and damage to water systems, e.g. boilers, electric household appliances, valves and taps.

Domestic: An all-in-one cabinet design for use in domestic environments from 6 litres to 30 litres.

Simplex: A wide range of sizes to deal with commercial & industrial flow rates from 20 litres to 1900 litres.

Duplex: A twin vessel softener for continuous supply from 20 litres to 1900 litres.

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Ultra Violet Units

The quality of your drinking water can change from season to season. Even if your tap water is safe today, contaminants can infiltrate wells. Aging infrastructure can lead to an increased risk of contamination. In fact, boil water advisories are becoming more and more common, even in large cities. Water is disinfected as it runs through a stainless steel chamber containing a UV lamp. As water flows past the lamp, illness-causing microorganisms receive a lethal dose of UV light that attacks their DNA and eliminates their ability to reproduce. Harmful bacteria and viruses are deactivated, and your family is safe.
UV water disinfection is a safe, chemical-free way to treat water. Even chlorine-resistant microorganisms are made harmless through UV exposure. Lack of chemicals means no harmful chemical by products are going back into the environment, and the taste of your water is not affected in any way.

Iron & Manganese Removers


We provide a number of standard, proven technologies in removing Iron and Manganese from drinking water. Any Iron and Manganese present will result in poor tasting water, in addition to staining baths, basins and any appliances with which the water may come into contact.


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Carbon Filters


Activated carbon is a specialised filter used for removing chlorine or organic compounds from water. It can also be used to remove taste and odour from your water supply. Whether you are on mains supply, group water scheme or private supply, we have a solution for your needs.

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Reverse Osmosis Units


The very successful 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis system comes with or without a pressurizing feed pump. This system will remove Lead, Fluoride, Nitrate and Bacteria. It is important to remember, if the mains pressure is poor, always look for the pump option. This system also offers options suitable for the commercial industry which can handle up to 50 cubes per hour. 

Axal Pro Water Softener Salt Tablets


Axal Pro water softener salt tablets are used for water softening installations in private homes, hotels, restaurants, medical practices, industries, etc. Made of high purity vacuum salt they dissolve completely and are absolutely residue free. This helps to regenerate the water softening equipment and to prevent it from furring up, keeping up the unit’s operation while keeping its energy consumption low. Axal Pro is packed in 25kg bags.


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