Shallow Well Pumps
- are capable of lifting to a maximum of 30ft approx.
Submersible Pumps
- are capable of pumping from 20ft to 500ft Well depth.
Booster Pumps

- From ½ H.P in cast iron or stainless. All available with automatic control.
Sump Pumps
- For rainwater, floodwater, dirty applications such as septic tanks and pits. Wide variety available in single phase from 50 to 1,000 litres per min and capable of handling solids up to 50mm.

Pressure Vessels
Ranging from 8 to 500 Ltr in stock
Water Softeners
- The presence of calcium and magnesium in water can cause scaling and damage to water systems, e.g. boilers, electric household appliances, valves and taps.
Ultra Violet Units
- UV units are appliances suitable for the disinfection of polluted waters, able to deactivate microbiological pollutants, e.g. bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, yeasts and so on. UV disinfection is 99.99% effective (eg Log4 reduction).
Iron & Manganses Removers
- We provide a number of standard, proven technologies in removing iron and manganese from drinking water.
Sediment Filtration
- Filter bowls are used to remove dirt particles from the water. We provide a number of replacement cartridges from 100mic - 1mic pending your requirements.
Carbon Filters
- Remove the subjective nature of taste and odour from your water supply by installation of this system. Whether you are on mains supply, group water scheme or private supply, we have a solution for your needs
Reverse Osmosis Units
- The very successful 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis system comes with or without a pressurizing feed pump. This system will remove lead, fluoride, nitrate and bacteria. It is important to remember, if the mains pressure is poor, always look for the pump option.
Axal Pro Water Softener Salt Tablets
Axal Pro water softener salt tablets are used for water softening installations in private homes, hotels, restaurants, medical practices, industries, etc. Made of high purity vacuum salt they dissolve completely and are absolutely residue free. This helps to regenerate the water softening equipment and to prevent it from furring up, keeping up the unit's operation while keeping its energy consumption low. Axal Pro is packed in 25kg bags.
Piping & Fittings
- Galvanised & Hydro dare Piping
- Suction & Delivery Hosing.


- Quick Release Camlock Fittings
- Instantor
- Lever Valves
- Foot Values


Pumps Hints & Tips

Ensure you get the best out of your Water Pump as follows:
Servicing every 18 months is recommended.
Should you experience any of the following:
- Pump running intermittely
- Pump not cutting In
- Pump not cutting Out
Please contact us immediately on 042-9326650 for advise. Should you require we will organise for our Service Engineer to call out when suitable.

Water Problems Hints & Tips

Do you notice any of the following problems with your water:
Problem Signs
- Lime Leaves a white scale on your kettles and blocks showerheads
- Iron Leaves a reddish stain in the kettle and toilet bowl
- Manganese You will see a grit like substance in settled water
- PH Excessive corrosion on pipes
- Bacteria
- Odours
If you notice any of the above please contact us on 042-9326650 for assistance in solving the problem.